adjunction complex

присоединённый комплекс

English-Russian scientific dictionary. 2008.

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  • Adjunction space — In mathematics, an adjunction space is a common construction in topology where one topological space is attached or glued onto another. Specifically, let X and Y be a topological spaces with A a subspace of Y . Let f : A → X be a continuous map… …   Wikipedia

  • Adjunction (field theory) — In abstract algebra, adjunction is a construction in field theory, where for a given field extension E / F , subextensions between E and F are constructed. Definition Let E be a field extension of a field F . Given a set of elements A in the… …   Wikipedia

  • Adjunction formula (algebraic geometry) — In mathematics, the adjunction formula of algebraic geometry and complex manifold theory relates, for a hypersurface, its normal bundle, its canonical bundle, and the canonical bundle of the ambient variety or manifold.Let H be a hypersurface in… …   Wikipedia

  • Canonical bundle — In mathematics, the canonical bundle of a non singular algebraic variety V of dimension n is the line bundle which is the nth exterior power of the cotangent bundle Ω on V. Over the complex numbers, it is the determinant bundle of holomorphic n… …   Wikipedia

  • List of mathematics articles (A) — NOTOC A A Beautiful Mind A Beautiful Mind (book) A Beautiful Mind (film) A Brief History of Time (film) A Course of Pure Mathematics A curious identity involving binomial coefficients A derivation of the discrete Fourier transform A equivalence A …   Wikipedia

  • Group ring — This page discusses the algebraic group ring of a discrete group; for the case of a topological group see group algebra, and for a general group see Group Hopf algebra. In algebra, a group ring is a free module and at the same time a ring,… …   Wikipedia

  • Noether inequality — In mathematics, the Noether inequality, named after Max Noether, is a property of compact minimal complex surfaces that restricts the topological type of the underlying topological 4 manifold. It holds more generally for minimal projective… …   Wikipedia

  • du Val singularity — In algebraic geometry, a du Val singularity, also called simple surface singularity, Kleinian singularity, or rational double point, is a singularity of a surface that is a double cover branched over a curve with an A D E singularity. They are… …   Wikipedia

  • Sheaf (mathematics) — This article is about sheaves on topological spaces. For sheaves on a site see Grothendieck topology and Topos. In mathematics, a sheaf is a tool for systematically tracking locally defined data attached to the open sets of a topological space.… …   Wikipedia

  • Positive current — In mathematics, more particularly in complex geometry, algebraic geometry and complex analysis, a positive currentis a positive ( n p , n p ) form over an n dimensional complex manifold,taking values in distributions.For a formal definition,… …   Wikipedia

  • Positive form — In complex geometry, the term positive form refers to several classes of real differential formsof Hodge type (p, p) . (1,1) forms Real ( p , p ) forms on a complex manifold M are forms which are of type ( p , p ) and real,that is, lie in the… …   Wikipedia


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